Exhaust manifolds

Race and tuning designed tubular exhaust manifolds are the main foundation of the Martelius product family. Since 1982 have the Finnish race engine builders and enthusiasts chosen Martelius as their primary source for exhaust manifolds. In 2012 Martelius exhaust manifolds are known and sold all over the world.

Some key features of Martelius exhaust manifolds:

  • Design and manufacturing with over 30 years experience
  • Thick laser cut flanges
  • Precision tube bending with our CNC controlled Pedrazzoli mandrel tube bender
  • Each manifold is assembled in a bespoke assembly jig to ensure perfect fitment
  • All connections butt welded for uninterrupted flow
  • Collectors and branches with flow optimized design
  • Optimized flow area to ensure flow velocity and pulse operation
  • Each manifold has a lambda sensor thread and a plug included
  • Each secondary collector is sleeved with spring attachment for the ease of fine tuning and to prevent cracking in hard use
  • Ceramic coating as standard, able to withstand over 1000°C

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