How the tailoring service works

This is what you can expect to happen when you choose to bring your vehicle for us to perform a tailor made exhaust or other customized work on:

Project surveying. As a customer contacts us by phone, email or visiting our shop, we perform a brief survey to find out what the customer’s needs and wishes are for the project.

Estimate of cost. Based on the surveying, we give as accurate cost estimates as possible.

Scheduling. Depending on the scale, the duration of a project can vary from a couple of hours to more than 1 week. We negotiate a suitable date for the project with our customers.

Bringing in the vehicle. The customer will provide the vehicle to our workshop upon agreement. We try to be as flexible as possible with the delivery times, especially with longer projects. We always store customer cars indoors with alarms and night security patrols keeping your property safe with us.

Project execution. The project is carried out in our workshop during the agreed period of time. For small projects with the duration of 1 working day or less, we offer our customer waiting room for the customers to spend their time in.

Finished project.  As the project is finished, we go through the details with the customer and demonstrate the end product.  If possible, the customer will perform a test drive with the vehicle.