Universal parts

Universal tubing and bends

We stock a wide variety of universal tubing and bends, both mild steel and stainless.

Straight lengths are available in 1 meter and 0.5 meter pieces with an expansion on the other end.

All bends are mandrel bent, which ensures a round cross section through the whole bend.

Tight radius bends are welded together from pressed halves to make a radius tighter than otherwise possible.

Our popular J bends are good material for d-i-y exhaust manifold projects. Also remember our thick walled AISI409 turbo bends for turbocharged applications.

Universal silencers

We store universal exhaust silencers for diameters between 44.5mm (1-3/4″) and 101.6mm (4″).

For flow and power delivery the best alternative is a straight through flowing absorption silencer. The rule of thumb for best silencing is to choose as large in volume a silencer as possible.

For mild tuning and better silencing ability for the volume a so called Turbo Muffler can be used. Although excellent compared to most vehicles’ standard silencers, the flow ability is not as good as with an absorption silencer.

Flexible parts

We store both bellow and joint type flexible parts for exhaust use.

All of our flexible bellows are stainless steel with a weldable collar. The construction has three layers for best quality, with an inner braid ensuring proper flow.

When tight in space or needing a flange connection, a joint type flexible part is a good choice. The spring loaded flanges hold a sealing ring in between them allowing some movement without leaks.

V-band connections

A V-band connection is an excellent choice when you need a quick to operate and easy to reinstall connection for your exhaust. We only use genuine Clampco V-band clamps and Finnish made steel flanges.


We store an extensive amount of different flanges for cylinder head to manifold connection, manifold to turbo connection and different exhaust system applications. All flanges are sturdy laser cut steel or stainless steel products.

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Exhaust reducers and cones

We store both stainless and mild steel stepped reducers for exhaust builds.

Conical reducers are great for example for turbo downpipes and tight spaced reduction or expansion of diameter.


We provide high quality, high flow branches for both making your own manifolds or joining or dividing your exhaust system. Both in stainless and mild steel.

Silencer accessories

For repair work or d-i-y construction of silencers we provide both silencing wool and perforated tubing.