Exhaust manifolds

Exhaust manifolds designed for racing and tuning use are the oldest pillar of the Martelius product family. Since 1982, the Finnish engine builders and enthusiasts have relied on domestic Martelius products. In 2013, Martelius exhaust kits were already sold around the world.

Martelius exhaust manifolds are known for these features:

  • Design and manufacture with over 30 years of experience
  • The flanges are laser cut and sturdy
  • The bending is done with precision, with a CNC-controlled mandrel bending machine
  • Each exhaust manifold is assembled in a special assembly jig that ensures fit
  • Pipe welds are always made with butt joints
  • The collecotrs are designed to be flow efficient
  • Pipe sizes are always optimized according to the application
  • In each exhaust manifold there is a lambda sensor thread and a plug
  • The secondary collector is always equipped with sleeve connections and spring mounting, which makes fine adjustment of the vibration length easy and prevents fractures caused by thermal expansion and vibration
  • The kits come by default in a ceramic coating, which can withstand more than 1000 ° C and keeps the exhaust kit clean even in use, unless the material of manifold is stainless steel. If you want your stainless manifold ceramic coated, please contact our sales department.

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