Universal Parts 70mm / 2,75" INOX

Seinämävahvuus 1,5mm, materiaali AISI304

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  1. Connector pipe 70mm L=80mm
    Connector pipe 70mm L=80mm
    This is used to connect pipes of the same diameter. Connects and seals the pipes firmly. Saves ground clearance when positioned correct way. Pipe size 70 mm. Material zink coated steel.
  2. Exhaust sealing putty
    Exhaust sealing putty
    Tiivistää pakoputken liitokset, suositellaan aina käytettäväksi muhviliitoksiin.
  3. Flexible Bellow 70mm / 2,75" L=150mm INOX
    Flexible Bellow 70mm / 2,75" L=150mm INOX
    Triple layer, durable flex bellow with interlock inner layer. Overall length 155 mm . Largest outer diameter 100 mm - 4 in. 70 mm OD tube will slide into the bellow for 20 mm length, which makes weldi
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