Exhaust systems

Exhaust systems

When tuning the engine, one of the first bottlenecks to power increase is usually the exhaust flow.

In production cars, the initial installation exhaust system is usually designed mainly on the basis of manufacturing costs and quiet sound. The tube size is often relatively small compared to the power produced by the car and the mufflers are poorly flowing chamber-structured units. In this case, back pressure is created in the piping, which impairs the operation of the engine.

Martelius exhaust systems are designed for the lowest possible back pressure, while maintaining the exhaust flow rate essential for engine flushing.

Key features of Martelius exhaust systems:

  • Design and manufacture with over 30 years of experience
  • The flanges are laser cut and sturdy
  • The bending is done with a precisely CNC-controlled mandrel bending machine
  • Each piping is assembled in a special assembly jig to ensure suitability
  • Pipe sizes are always optimized according to the application
  • The sound attenuation is implemented directly through breathable mufflers, whereby the flow resistance is minimized
  • The piping uses the car's original attachment points, making installation easy

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In addition to our own production, we import high-quality international exhaust brands: