Universal parts

Universal pipes and bends

Our selection includes a wide range of universal pipes and bends from both plain steel and stainless steel.

Straight pipes are available in 1.0m and 0.5m lengths, and at one end there is an expansion sleeve with slots for a crimp connection.

All bends are round throughout and bent with a mandrel, so there are no wrinkles or dents in the bends.

The steepest bends are longitudinally welded from extruded blanks, making the radius of the bend really steep for tight spaces.

Our popular J-bends are a great building accessory for making an exhaust manifold. Also remember the thick-walled turbo bends from ferritic stainless AISI 441 tubing as the building material for a sturdy and durable turbo series.

Universal mufflers (silencers)

Our range includes mufflers for 1-3 / 4″ – 4″ (44.5-101.6 mm) tubing sizes.

The best solution in terms of flow and power is a muffler flowing directly through. The wool charge packed around the perforated tube absorbs energy from the sound waves, thus attenuating the sound. As a rule of: The larger the volume of the muffler, the more effective the damping capacity.

Turbo silencers suitable for street tuning use sound attenuation more effectively, but do not flow quite directly through in a breathable manner. However, the flow capacity is excellent compared to most original car silencers.

Flexible parts and bellows

Our selection includes both flexible bellows and flex joints for exhaust systems.


Our flexible bellows are all made of stainless steel with a weldable collar. The structure is of high quality with three layers. Inner braid protects the outside of the bellows, the interlock inner layer ensures that the bellows impair the ability of the pipeline flow. In our selection you will find flexible bends from 45mm sized connectors, up to 4″ pipe sizes.


When longitudinal space is narrow, or you want to have an opening joint together with the bend, a link joint is a good choice. Spring-loaded flanges hold a spherical cone seal between them, which allows flexibility.

You can find flexible parts and bellows in our online store according to the pipe size. Attention! All flexible bellows are weldable stainless steel, and are suitable for pipings made of both stainless and ordinary materials. You will find bellows in the category of universal parts. 

V Bands

The V-band is an excellent alternative to a traditional flange when space is tight or when quick opening and reassembly of the joint are important features.


You can find V-Bands in our online store according to the connecting pipe diameter.


We stock a large selection of different flanges for exhaust manifolds and exhaust systems. The flanges are sturdy laser-cut steel or stainless flanges.

Resizing pieces and cones


Our selection includes stepped resizing pieces, made from both stainless and mild steel, for increasing or reducing pipe size.

Conical adapters are suitable, for example, for exits from a supercharger or for resizing a cramped space.


We offer high-quality, well-flowing colelctors for making exhaust manifolds as well as for branching exhaust systems. Available in stainless steel and plain steel.

Muffler accessories


For do-it-yourself construction or repair of mufflers, our selection includes muffler wool, steel wool and perforated pipes, muffler shells and endplates.




We have a comprehensive range of catalysts for tuning, racing and civilian use is always in stock.